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Big Tech Hurts Small Business


Your Data is Valuable

You’ve probably heard of cookies before, and that’s just nerd speak for how the computers stalk you across the internet, it’s also the same data that your business needs to be managing on behalf of it’s own customers if it wants to survive in this new age of the internet. 

Large Software Companies take your business’ data on their platform, and bundle it up with all the other brands, that offer the same product or service, to feed to AI systems to turn into new products to sell.

More often than not, those products increase the cost of participating in the industry for smaller participants.

web3 Promises a Change


Distributed, Encrypted Storage

web3 technologies like blockchains & NFTs enable your business data, to truly be owned by you and your business. Secured in a new kind of cloud database that you, the business owners’, owned.

Saving your business’ thousands of dollars a year on everything from Advertising to Accounting. And more than likely opening up the opportunity to licenses your data (for a fee of course) to preserve the existing value that many of this AI powered systems add today.

Today We Are Helping Local Coffee Shops


Revitalizing Main Street

The rise of the internet economy has been amazing. The convenience of next day, even same day delivery.  The ease of discovering new media and making going viral accessible, but for the most part at the expense of our small towns.

Often our local storefronts were the convenient access to goods, service, and entertainment, that are dying because they can’t compete with the prices of national brands who use technology and data to outcompete them. 

That’s where EZ Main Street comes into the picture.

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